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You deserve to get paid for your hard work, and we make sure that happens. We become an extension of your team and provide comprehensive medical billing services to help your practice succeed. When you work with us, you’ll find we truly act as a part of your practice. We are personable, easy to reach, and happy to help. We do everything we can to help you ease the stress of medical billing, so you can focus on what matters most.

28+ Years of Experience

Sarah Johnson founded Great Smoky Mountain Medical Billing in 2021, but her experience spans decades. Sarah began her medical billing career in 1995 as a patient accounts admin  at a hospital in Evansville, Indiana. Throughout her career, she has helped multiple hospitals and privately-owned practices improve their patient billing services and increase their revenue. Sarah started Great Smoky Mountain Medical Billing after experiencing the billing challenges medical practices face first-hand. Today, she helps practices overcome their challenges by providing comprehensive medical billing services tailored to every client. When you hire Great Smoky Mountain Medical Billing, Sarah becomes your practice’s billing partner and works enthusiastically to improve your revenue systems and increase your profits.

How We Help


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We Serve Practices of All Sizes

From recently opened to well established, we serve medical practices of any size at any stage of business. We get to know your practice and learn about the unique billing frustrations you face before creating a billing strategy that streamlines processes and puts more money in your pocket. We can work with your current medical billing system or advise you on choosing a new system based on your specialty and billing needs. We are experienced in many HIPAA-compliant systems that are designed to meet your practice at its current stage while setting you up for growth.

Specialities We Serve

We’re based in Knoxville, TN & Serve Practices Nationwide

Mental Health
General & Specialty Surgery
Family Practice
Maternal Fetal Medicine
Dental (ADA coding and claim forms)
Physical Therapy

Do you work in another specialty?

“Very nice and great to work with! Very knowledgeable and willing to help when I needed her! Thank you so much Sarah!” – C. McIntyre

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