Why Outsource Your Medical Billing?

Free Up Your Valuable Time

As your practice grows, the time you need to devote to medical billing can impact the amount of availability you have to see patients. By outsourcing medical billing to our team, you free up more time in your schedule to help more people in need.

Improve Patient Communication

Medical billing can feel confusing and frustrating for patients. We help patients understand their coverage by checking eligibility, and we send accurate account statements to let them know where their balance stands.

Increase Your Profitability

Overdue bills impact your bottom line. By regularly following up on accounts and submitting appeals on your behalf, we make sure you get paid for your services.

Our Complete Medical Billing Services


Patient precertification can prevent potential financial strains for you and your patients. We submit forms to insurance providers to pre-certify your patients for the care they need, so both you and your patients know if they will be covered.

Eligibility & Benefits

Patient insurance coverage can change from year to year, and checking eligibility is key to ensuring both you and your patients understand their current coverage. We communicate with insurance companies to verify patients’ coverage benefits, so you collect the correct payment.


Getting your bills paid on time requires acute attention to detail, accuracy, and efficiency. We provide end-to-end medical billing service to ensure you’re paid in a timely manner.


After a visit to the doctor, patients shouldn’t have to wonder how much they owe. We make sure your patients receive accurate account statements after a visit and updated statements after insurance pays their portion.

A/R Followup & Cleanup

The longer bills are overdue, the more challenging it can be to collect payment. We check your accounts on a regular schedule and follow up with the proper parties to collect unpaid dues.


Insurance claims denial can happen for a few reasons, and we find out why. When necessary, we submit denial review requests on your behalf to ask insurance companies to reopen claims.

Coding & Credentials

Clear documentation and correct coding can streamline the claims process. We provide coding services for many of our specialties, and we assist with credentialing to make sure you are enrolled in insurance networks.

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