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We’ve worked with clients in many different medical specialties, and we understand that each poses unique challenges. By communicating with you regularly and using cutting-edge billing software, we address your practice’s challenges and provide tailored, effective solutions that improve your productivity and profitability. Our medical billing services are comprehensive and designed to make sure you get paid without stressing over piles of paperwork.

We Serve Many Specialties


Many chiropractic offices offer services beyond adjustments. No matter how many services you offer, we will make sure your patients are billed correctly for the care you provide.

Dental (ADA coding/claim forms)

Dental billing requires knowledge of proper billing procedures that vary from other types of medical practices. We use current ADA coding policies to submit accurate claims forms to your patients’ dental insurance providers, so your bills get paid on time.


You handle everything from routine examinations to complex skin concerns, and we make sure your bills accurately reflect the care you provide for each patient at your dermatology practice.

Family Practice

Your team sees many patients with unique needs every day, so you need to maximize your office’s efficiency. We handle your medical billing, so you can focus on caring for the patients that trust your family practice.

General & Specialty Surgery

Precertifying patients and checking eligibility are incredibly important billing tasks for general and specialty surgery practices. We handle those tasks and all post-procedure billing needs on your behalf to ensure your bills get paid.

Maternal Fetal Medicine

Many mothers need specific maternal fetal medicine care that requires different billing than OB-GYN patients. We understand the nuances of billing for your services and will make sure insurance providers and patients receive the information they need to pay for your care.

Mental Health

Insurance coverage for mental health services varies widely and changes frequently. We keep up with current mental health insurance policies to make sure you and your patients understand coverage options and your bills get paid by the responsible parties.


Obstetrics and Gynecology covers a variety of screenings and treatments and relates closely to obstetric care. We understand how to properly bill for the variety of services you provide at your OB-GYN practice, so you get paid properly and in a timely manner.


Pediatric practices often meet with parents and caregivers in addition to providing patient care. We know how to accurately bill for every step of your care process, so you get paid for the full time you spend with every patient and their guardians.

Physical Therapy

Each of your patients requires a customized recovery plan specific to their injury, and we make sure your bills and statements reflect the unique care you provide for every person, so both insurance providers and patients can clearly understand their financial responsibility.

Our Most Commonly Used Software Systems

We are experienced with many medical billing systems. We’ve worked with all of the systems listed below and welcome the opportunity to learn new systems to best serve your practice.




Office Ally

Simple Practice



Client Care

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